About us

How does it work?

It's simple. Our bot-editors keep an eye on 47 automotive portals 24/7. They work very hard, so hard that in fact they don't sleep at all. As soon as they find a new article, they categorise it with tags, like EV or Petrol or Review and send it to us. The article then goes straight into the feed and it's easily discoverable by you, lovely reader. Now it's all up to you, which article makes it to the top, the more readers get their eyes on it, the higher it ranks. Thanks to tags, you can filter only the articles that interest you and you can also change the feed order from the newest to the most popular. If you found an interesting article you can submit it to us at the bottom of the news page and we will add it to the feed. So that's it, all our magic explained. Happy reading.

Who we are?

HiūüĎč, my name is¬†Peter. I am a former mechanical engineer, currently working as a web developer, but mainly I am passionate about cars. When I was transitioning to web development I discovered¬†Hacker News, an amazing community that shares knowledge and important articles about the tech industry on a daily basis. Fast forward a few years later, and here we are, you are looking at the ultimate place that covers everything that's happening in the automotive industry. Even though it is mostly me focusing on this project, there are few great friends who have helped make this project happen.¬†Maci¬†is the person behind our design and logo.¬†Zuzana¬†and¬†Rory, are two amazing software engineers contributing to the codebase when time allows them.

How to stay up to date?

You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter and every Monday morning you will receive the 10 most popular articles from the previous week directly to your mailbox. You'll never miss anything important. Likewise you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, where we share the most popular articles daily.

How to support us?

You can mention this project to your friend, cousin, colleague, neighbour, basically anyone who is passionate about cars and if you'd really like to or you can also support our work on Patreon.